The Village

The Village is a BBC television series written by Peter Moffat. The drama is set in a Derbyshire village in the 20th century

George Gently

Inspector George Gently is a British television crime drama series produced by Company Pictures for BBC One.

Get Even

In the elite Bannerman Independent School, four teenage girls join together to expose and fight injustice.


The Syndicate is a British television drama series. It was written by Kay Mellor and is broadcast on BBC One. It sees five members of a betting syndicate win the lottery. Each series follows a different syndicate.

“Lindsey was a godsend on The Syndicate 4. We were working under immense pressure with covid and to have a rock solid assembly to start work on was invaluable. Lindsey is an inventive, instinctive editor and an absolute pleasure to work with. Even as we piled more work onto her, nothing was ever too much. I hope I get the chance to work with her again.”

Kay Mellor OBE, Managing Director, Rollem Productions

George Fabre (EXEC PROD)

“Lindsey has excellent story telling instincts, a great sense of dynamic rythem and worked superbly under pressure”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

George Ormond (EXEC PROD)

“I always could trust her to hunt down the strongest performances and she cut with real flare”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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